Admissions Information

To enroll in the College of Engineering, students must first apply to the University of Utah:           Admission

Last Date to Accept Admission Applications

The University of Utah Admissions Office has required applicants to adhere to the following dates:
SemesterLast Date to Apply with a COMPLETE Application
SpringNovember 1
SummerApril 1
FallJuly 1

In order to begin pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering, students must either:
  • Be directly admitted into the College of Engineering. Incoming freshman who are offered direct admission into the College of Engineering will also be directly admitted to the Construction Engineering program. For more information about direct admissions please see the College of Engineering application page  - OR –
  • Be admitted into the College of Engineering as a Pre-Engineering major. Students entering the university as a Pre-Engineering major will need to successfully complete pre-major coursework (with an Engineering GPA of 2.5) in order to advance to full major status. Advancement to major status is required to enroll the Department’s higher level courses.