Master of Science in Construction Engineering Program Curriculum

Students are required to complete a total of 30 credit hours from the list of possible courses below to graduate.
Course NumberCourse TitleHours
CVEEN 5500Sustainable Materials3
CVEEN 6710Cost Estimation & Proposal Writing3
CVEEN 6720Project Scheduling3
CVEEN 6730Project Management & Contract Administration3
CVEEN 6740Construction Finance & Accounting3
CVEEN 6750Engineering Law & Contracts3
CVEEN 6755Commercial Construction3
CVEEN 6760Residential Construction 3
CVEEN 6765Principles of Project Delivery Methods3
CVEEN 6770Design-Build Contract & Risk Management3
CVEEN 6775Environmental Regulations3
CVEEN 6780Facade Engineering II3
CVEEN 6785Utilities Construction and Rehabilitation3
CVEEN 6790Advanced Computer-Aided Construction3
ENGIN 6020Emerging Technologies & Engineering Entrepreneurship3
Total 30